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  • Bradi Bergesen, LICSW

Creating Opportunities for Flow with Mindfulness

The Global Resilience Summit is going on right now and I have been watching interviews as I have been able to find the time. The focus is learning how to build resiliency for ourselves and the collective whole through mindfulness practices. Resiliency is being able to bounce back after a stressful experience. Practicing mindfulness allows you to learn how to return to a state of calm and inner balance after experiencing a difficult situation.

George Mumford, Motivational Speaker and Mindfulness & Performance Coach to elite athletes and corporate executives, uses flow with his clients.

Flow is the state of being when you are fully immersed in the moment, with focus, involvement, and enjoyment of the process. Everything is working together. You are in the zone. You never know when flow is going to happen, you can't force it to occur, but you can prepare yourself to have more opportunities for flow.

Mindfulness teaches you how to be aware in the moment and sit in it, just as it is. Learning how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable allows you to challenge yourself to push your limits just enough to allow growth to happen, increasing your skill set. When you increase your skill set while practicing being in the moment, you teach yourself how to quiet the mind and let the wisdom of your body lead. This increases your ability to access the flow state. You open up to the wisdom that is within you, allowing your full skill set to come forward and meld effortlessly into the moment.

Flow can be found everywhere in our lives; in the sports we play, the hobbies we enjoy, the work we do, and the relationships we have. We know these moments. When everything just works. The plans go smoothly. The actions work just as expected. The outcome provides a sense of joy, excitement, peace, and connection. When there is flow, we are connecting. Connecting to ourselves, connecting to the moment, connecting to the people around us.

We can create more of these moments of flow, these moments of connection, by being more mindful in our daily lives.

To learn more about the Global Resilience Summit click here.

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